1. Yus ;~;

  2. Im on guard for my marching band and we get varsity jackets o.o

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  3. calliedellanogschwind:

    The anticipation kills me
    The wait thrills me
    Except that we are all playing a game of catch and release
    And I’m just another fish in the sea
    I do not expect because I have to protect
    My heart is heavy and my mind hasn’t slept
    I swim to the end and I swim to the edge
    So remember not to…

    I love this :3

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  4. moshquitoes:






    My mom never really liked Of Mice & Men, “You can’t understand them so why does it matter?” I explained to her one day how Second & Sebring was about Austins’ mother and she almost cried. Second & Sebring was the only song by them she would let me listen to around her. The last time I said goodbye to my mom, i whispered in her ear, “I hope you smile when you look down on me, this time i’ll make you proud. I promise.” Austin will never know how much this song means to me because i now know how hard it is to lose your mother at the age of 16/17. I love you mom. I miss you. Rest easy.


    Gave me chills, literally..


    Reblogging because of the meaning behind this picture

    I really hope Kerrigan gets better

    I know how it feels I lost my mom when I was 5 you just have to hang in there and be strong

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  6. Can I have someone’s opinion on this song/poem I’m writing its not done yet though

    Child of the night
    Who walks amount the day
    Never shed a tear
    Never shy away
    You walk along the boarder of the darkness of the greys
    Now it’s time to spread your wings
    Let ashes fly away
    A vision of the past
    A memory of that day
    Never shall we see again the promise that we made
    A life within the darkness
    A body with in the grave
    Events long forgotten
    A day thats cursed my fate

  8. sleepingwithfuckingsirens:


    Sooooo I’m doing a giveaway! I reached 10,000 followers and I feel like you guys deserve something :D


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    I think that’s it!

    The giveaway will end July 31, 2013, so don’t reblog it after that.


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    Good luck guys <3

    I rlly want them >.

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  9. chotpot:


    Chotpot more like hothothot am I right or what.

    Meeting Chot and the rest of his group was definitely the highlight of my entire Akon, and I’m so glad I got to take a photo with him!

    He was such a cool guy you don’t even know, okay. He played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for everyone at the meetup and he rubbed the credits I made all over himself and let’s not even mention the fact that he’s a total babe. Dang.

    I’m just so, so happy I had the privilege of meeting him! 

    AW, you’re so sweet!! it was so great meeting you as well! i hope we can meet up again next year too!

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  10. an argument for recovery


    I had a meltdown today. I used to think I had demons inside me, and that my darkness was all-consuming, and it happened again and I started screaming but I didn’t go into a fit — I didn’t (trigger warning) 

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